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Windows 8 Professional free download

You can grab it in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, or the 64-bit version along with developer tools. Windows 8 Professional requires a clean install, but if you have a Windows Vista or 7 installation on your machine, you can keep accounts, files and settings with a new installation. Windows XP users can upgrade and keep their accounts and files only. That said, we don't really recommend installing this over your existing copy of Windows, as it'll likely have a few quirks this early on in the preview. Hit the link below to check it out.

The move to release Windows 8 so early on can be seen as a testament to just how much Microsoft wants, and needs, developers to get into building apps for the new OS before it is actually released as a retail product that will compete on tablets against Apple's iPad (running iOS) and Google's Android software.

iPad 4 preview

If you read out various iPad 4 in USA review, you’ll fell iPad 4 is way ahead in compare with the iPad predecessors. It took around a year for the iPad 4 to enter the USA markets. Apple iPad 4 has gone through lot of transformations.


Windows 7 Ultimate 90% discount free download

Ever since Microsoft released the first and only Windows 7 beta, there’s been a lot of hype around the new operating system - we had an early look at Windows 7 shortly after the beta came out back in January and came away impressed. The development schedule has been incredibly smooth, running almost perfectly and hitting key milestones with accuracy normally only associated with Swiss watchmakers.

This was in stark contrast to Vista’s long road to release, which saw delays, feature culling and a final product that wasn’t everything it should have been. Combine that with the horrible driver support from many manufacturers (and especially Nvidia from a gamer's point of view) and you have a recipe for disaster. Not surprisingly, most PC users stuck with their old friend Windows XP. Microsoft recognised this, and it looks as if it has listened to consumers’ major bugbears with Vista. For want of a better way of describing it, Microsoft has essentially fixed Vista and the result is arguably Microsoft’s best operating system to date.

Apple iPad 3

The new iPad 3 is not revolutionary, it’s evolutionary, and according to Apple it’s even “resolutionary”, whatever that means. As with the Apple iPhone 4S bump, the hotly anticipated new iPad launch is largely about incremental, hardware upgrades; under-the-bonnet stuff that clearly annoys the hell out of everyone seeking a headline-grabbing design change.

Put the new iPad 3 side by side with the iPad 2 and the improvement is, quite visibly, clear. On the older iPad, apps in folders are just blobs of pixelated colour; on the new one you can almost make out text.

The Apple Retina Display smooths out edges and renders text pin-sharp so ebooks, websites and documents are so much easier on the eye. There’s better contrast, greater definition with still and moving images, and better colour saturation – an improvement of 44 per cent over the iPad 2, Apple reckons.